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The Lidl healthy lifestyle challenge: Week 1 & 2.

Hello again!

So we have been chosen to take part in the Lidl healthy lifestyle challenge this January. Lidl will very generously being paying for our shopping for 5 whole weeks while we try and stick to healthy eating and activity challenges. We are really grateful to have been picked and although our diet is reasonably healthy, our standards had slipped over Christmas. We allowed a little more sugar to creep in and we were reaching for lazier options. That’s all behind us know as we face into the weekly challenges.

Week 1

Week 1’s food challenge was to swap white foods for brown! This was easy enough as there are loads of options for whole grain and slow release carbohydrates out there. We mainly eat porridge for breakfast so there was no change there really but we did swap white rice for brown and white pasta for wholegrain. The kids didn’t even notice the change and we were all feeling better. The biggest thing I noticed was that the kids seemed to be sleeping better. Coincidence? Maybe, but i’ll take any improvement I can get.


The activity challenge for week 1 was to go for a hike. The kids loved the hike, but then they both love being outdoors. I was a little wrecked by the time we got to the top but I enjoyed it nonetheless.wp-image-238813641jpg.jpg

Week 2

Week 2’s food challenge was to ditch the sugar. We’ve been replacing our sugar with fruit and making sure we always have snacks handy so we don’t get too hungry and crave the white stuff! We have been using our Yumbox all week and making sure its always filled with healthy snack for when we’re out and about.


This weeks activity challenge is relay races or a game of football. I don’t know how coordinated it will be with two toddlers and a pregnant lady but we’ll see!


You can follow our weekly journeys over on Instagram and Facebook.

See you next week!

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