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Leo’s 3rd Birthday Party

And just like that, he was three. Well not quite, but we just celebrated Leo’s third birthday party on Saturday. My, oh my, how those three years have flown by. I’ll admit I did shed a tear, or twenty in anticipation.

We decided to throw him a small birthday party this year with all his little cousins. Its the first year that he really understands the concept of a party so I knew he would enjoy it.

I had a very loose theme of magical garden party. Crowns, lights and tents.

To decorate, we used hanging lanterns, honeycombs, balloons, bunting and lights. I used mainly blues, whites and silvers to decorate. We got the lanterns, crowns, straws and lights from project-party. This online shop is my new favourite! I’m already planning the next party I can throw. The balloons were from Woodies party zone. The mesh canopy was from Ikea. The honeycombs, ribbon, paper tubs and bunting is from Sostrene and Grene.  The gold, foil party balloons are from Tesco.

The cake was an ice cream cake and let me tell you it was delicious, if I do say so myself! I made two layers of chocolate sponge and made an Oreo ice cream by blending Oreo’s and vanilla ice cream. I placed the sponge in the bottom of a lined, spring-form pan and placed it into the freezer for a few hours along with the second tier. Once frozen, I removed the chocolate tiers from the freezer. I made the Oreo ice cream and poured it on top of the chocolate sponge in the spring-form pan. Then I placed the second tier on top, covered it with clingfilm and placed in the freezer until fully frozen. To ice the cake, I whipped some cream with a drop of vanilla extract, a dash of food colour paste and half a cup of icing sugar. I removed the cake from the freezer and using a palate knife, I iced the cake as quickly as possible. The icing will start to freeze straight away so it’s important to work quickly. If the icing starts to melt just pop it back in the freezer until its frozen again. Once iced, I simply decorated with sprinkles and popped it back in the freezer.

For food we had BBQ chicken fillets, sausages and a fillet of beef. We had a pasta salad, potato salad, tabbouleh with scallion, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes, roast sweet potatoes, corn cobs and coleslaw. Mr T made homemade lemonade and we had craft beers and wine for the mamas and papas. Usually I have sugar free parties but this year, along with the ice cream cake, we also had some marshmallows and jelly beans.


Homemade lemonade. Kilner dispensing jug from Woodies (€14.99)
Silver, round garland (€6.95) and lights (€29.99) from project-party, and mesh canopy from Ikea (€8).


Lanterns 5-pack (€8.95) from project-party, bunting from Sostrene and Grene.
Honeycombs ranged in size and price from Sostrene and Grene.

All in all, even with six toddlers and 2 babies, the day was a success!The sun shone, the rain stayed away and nobody had a total meltdown. It was all worth it to hear Leo say ‘Oh Wow mom’. Looking forward to planning the next party now!

Bye for now!

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