Food Art Series. Part 1

Hello again!

So I have decided to do a little food art series which might help some of you with fussy toddlers and kids. Today I’m going to start with two nursery rhyme inspired plates that went down a treat with L. As I’ve said before, these are just suggestions that might help with fussy eaters. I certainly don’t make food art for every meal or even every day, but I do find it a great way to get L to try new tastes and textures. Hey if it works for us, it might work for you too!

First up is Baa baa Black sheep. The body of the sheep is just blackberries and the head and legs are just a plum. The bag full of ‘wool’ is just a wrap as is the clouds. The sun is just a slice of orange and the grass is cucumber. This was demolished and lucky for me, I managed to catch the blackberry hands before they reached the sofa!


Next up is the three little pigs. This one was a lot of fun to make. I managed to pick up some discounted dragonfruit in M&S a few weeks ago so I wanted to make good use of them. I simply cut slices of the dragonfruit for the boddies and heads of the pigs and used some of the vibrant pink flesh for feet, tails, ears and snout. Eyes are just blueberries and grass as always is cucumber!


Let me know if you give these a try yourselves and whether or not they helped your little ones. As always you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

Bye for now!

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