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What’s in our Easter Baskets?

Hello again!

Easter is nearly here and to be completely honest I can’t wait until its over. Grocery shopping with L the last 6 weeks has been absolute hell! Every time we step foot in a supermarket we are bombarded with aisles and aisles of Easter eggs. L starts shouting for ‘pie eggs’ which translates to surprise eggs, I rush around trying to get everything I need, meanwhile people are staring as he turns into a cross between something from the exorcist and a gremlin that’s been fed after midnight. I try desperately to hold on to any shred of dignity as I gently try and distract him with the free fruit. Well safe to say I’m over it. We really try hard to limit the amount of sugar L gets but it has become increasingly difficult the last number of weeks. I hate feeling like a mean mom for ‘depriving’ him of a little treat but honestly I feel his is still too young to have sugar and it certainly drives him loopers afterwards.

I like the magic of the Easter bunny but I’m not keen on him having all the sugar. What I have decided to do again this year is make Easter baskets for the kids.


Baby I is still too young but I made her one anyway. I included some healthy snacks like the Peppa Pig raisins, smoothie melts and fruit winders. L loves PlayDoh so when Lidl had a tub of it on sale the other day I picked one up. I found plastic eggs in Dealz that are great for filling with little surprises like matchbox cars, figurines etc. I bought some Disney storybooks in Smyths toys as they were 2 for 1 and some washable paints, bubbles and non-chocolate surprise eggs. The circular boxes are from Sostrene Grene and they were around €2.50 and the tissue paper grass (€1.50) is from Tesco. You could also include an Easter outfit or new shoes in the box too.

Well that’s it for our Easter baskets. I hope its given you guys some inspiration and ideas for you little ones!

Keep an eye out for my Easter food art post coming later this week!

Bye for now!

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2 thoughts on “What’s in our Easter Baskets?

  1. Great idea! The shops are a nightmare at the moment. In one they had Easter Eggs at the tills with Thomas and Peppa Pig on them to attract the kids, which I think is very unfair to them. Rian started crying because he couldn’t have them but I got a small bar of chocolate for him instead. He calls them prize eggs too, haha.

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