Easter Crafts and Home Decor

Hello again!

So with Easter on the way I’m feeling very inspired with my home decor and Easter decorations. I have been deep cleaning and organising the house the last few weeks and I’m now ready to start decorating for the Easter/Spring season! I love mixing up our home decor with the changing seasons but I don’t have the budget to support buying new home furnishings every few months. I have been working on some DIY Easter crafts the last week or two so I thought I would share with you guys! First up is this Miffy inspired bunny bunting!

img_20160223_221850.jpgWhat you will need;

A scissors

A needle and thread

Good quality coloured paper

Good quality black pen

I found a free template for the bunnies here. I printed the template onto co-ordinating pastel coloured paper. You will need a good quality paper that’s not too thin. You will get 4 bunnies from each sheet of A4 paper. Cut the bunnies out carefully with a sharp scissors. I used a black marker pen to do the eyes and mouth. Use a needle to pierce a hole at the top of both ears and feed a piece of thread through to make bunting.


I hung these around our house and I have to say I love the simplicity of them!

I also did some egg dyeing, which I have never done before. This is a great activity to do with the kids and its a great inexpensive way to decorate for Easter. I have to admit I found it really hard to find white eggs here in Ireland but managed to nab some in my local SuperValu! To empty the eggs out, pierce a hole, with a needle, in the top and bottom. Use the needle to mix up the yoke on the inside or give them a good shake. Blow on one end of the egg to push the contents out the other! Remember to make something tasty with all those eggs!I made waffles, what else! I mixed 1/2 cup of boiling water with 1 tsp of vinegar and 10-15 drops of food colouring in a cup, to make the dye. Drop the eggs into the cup with the coloured mixture rotating frequently with cocktail sticks to get an even colour payoff. The longer you leave them in the darker they will be. Decorate with paint, glitter or leave them plain!

Last but not least I decided to try my hand at making a wool egg wreath. This one definitely took a few nights to make all the eggs I needed, but I think the end product was worth it. I used these eggs in the wreath and in my centerpiece on our kitchen table.

img_20160220_190656.jpgFor this project you will need;

2-3 bags of polystyrene Easter eggs (Can be purchased in Dealz or most craft stores)

A few balls of wool

A glue gun (Got mine in Tiger for €7)

A wreath ( I used an old one Mama T had)

A scissors

Start by warming up your glue gun. It’s a bit fiddly starting out but you will get the hang of it as you go along. Start gluing the wool to the top of the egg using plenty of glue for the first few turns. Continue wrapping the wool around using the hot glue on the egg every so often to keep it in place. When you get halfway down the egg, stop, cut the wool and glue it to the egg. Now start again at the other end until you meet the wool from the first half. I know this sounds a bit confusing but trust me it is the easiest way.


To finish off simply pop a little hot glue on your strand of wool and glue it to the egg. Once you have a good selection of sizes and colours you can start attaching them to your wreath. As I mentioned above, Mama T had this old painted wreath which is what I use but alternatively you could use a polystyrene one. You can either glue the eggs to the wreath you can use cocktail sticks to secure them. I just pierced the stick through the egg and stuck them into the wreath. I haven’t decided yet whether to leave it has a wreath or have  it as a decoration around a hurricane vase.

So that’s it for my Easter crafts. Keep an eye out for my Easter food art post coming soon! You can follow the blog on the homepage and connect with me on Facebook and Instagram too!

Bye for now!

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