DIY Floor Pillow Tutorial

Hello Again!

Since moving into our house last year I’ve been working on our home decor as well as small DIY projects. I absolutely love the idea of over sized floor cushions and beanbags but I can never seem to find any with cool prints that don’t cost an arm and a leg. For my birthday last year I got a sewing machine and I taught myself to sew. When I say sew, I am talking basics here. I remembered that I had a box of fabrics put away and in it I found some really cool prints so decided to give the DIY floor cushions a go! This was far easier than I could have imagined and only took me one evening to make. The kids love them as does Mr T! The are great for lounging around reading or watching a movie. I had some old pillows that had rips in the seams so I used them along with a few more to fill the inside. Alternatively you can buy pillow stuffing online and use that. I didn’t even bother measuring the fabric as I wanted to get the most out of the amount I had so I just used the full piece. I think they were roughly 1.5 metes long x 1 meter wide. Again it can be any size you want!


What you will need;

Sewing machine

Fabric scissors

2 pieces of fabric in complimenting colours and prints


Needles and thread

Stuffing for the pillow


  1. img_20160221_234537.jpgStart by laying both pieces of fabric on top of one another print sides facing together.
  2. Roughly measure and cut off excess.
  3. Pin both pieces together
  4. Using you sewing machine, sew both sides together (inside out) leaving a small gap so that it can be turned right way around and stuffed. It is important to back-stitch on either side of the gap so the stitching doesn’t come undone.
  5. Carefully trim excess fabric around the edges.
  6. Turn right way around making sure to push the corners out fully.
  7. Stuff with old pillows or pillow stuffing.
  8. Hand stitch the gap closed.

And that’s it!

 I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave any questions in the comments section and I’ll try to answer them.

Bye for now!

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