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Baby I’s First Birthday


It’s funny how different it is for second children. Isn’t it? We certainly don’t love them any less but it’s not the same for them as it was for the first child. I remember L’s first birthday. We had a big party with friends and family, fancy balloons and decorations. I handmade bunting with pictures of L from every month in his first year. I stayed up till 3am the night before making cakes and salads. Its safe to say it was a big deal! Baby I turned one this week and let’s just say, it was a much lower key affair. I feel so guilty but at the end of the day we love her as fiercely as we love L and I have resigned myself to the fact that it’s ok that it’s not the same for her. I keep reminding myself that she has the benefit of more experienced parents! Anyway, yesterday we threw her a little birthday party and to be honest img_20160123_190522.jpga monkey could have come for tea and she wouldn’t have noticed! I wanted to make her a cake that she could actually eat so I decided on a sugar free, dairy free ice-cream cake. Sounds tasteless, right? Well actually it was lovely. Like a berry sorbet! All I did for this was blend some bananas and berries (some fresh and some frozen) and freeze in a number one shaped mould. I lined the tin with clingfilm so that it would be easy to pop out when it was frozen. I decorated it with fresh berries and served it immediately. Isla loved this and it was a hit with our guests. If you find your berries are a little tart when making the mixture you can add a little honey and a little natural yogurt. We wanted to continue with the sugar free theme, so I also made a fruit salad. For this, I cut a watermelon in half and balled both halves. I then hallowed out one half of the watermelon to use as our fruit simg_20160123_190703.jpgalad bowl. I also balled a honeydew melon as well. Then I transfered all the melon balls back into the watermelon bowl along with some grapes, blueberries and dragonfruit. We let people help themselves using cocktail sticks. We served grilled chicken and salad as well as popcorn and scones. Mr T made some sugar-free banana muffins for Baby I and I “invented” a sugar free icing to decorate them. The idea came to me because I wanted to do some smash cake pictures with her. If you don’t know what a smash cake is, it’s where you give your baby a big cake covered in icing and let them smash and eat it while you take pictures of them. Its very American! I love the idea but I really cringe at the thought of a one year old consuming that amount of sugar so I wanted to create an alternative.

img_20160120_161154.jpgFor the icing I used;

1 small (200g) tub of greek yogurt (not greek style)

2 tbsp of cornflour

1-2 drops of vanilla extract

1 tbsp of honey or maple syrup

A pinhead amount of food colouring paste (paste is better as it doesn’t add moisture)

Combine it all in a electric mixer. Add more cornflour if necessary to thicken. Allow to chill for at least half an hour and ice cakes when needed.

Mr T and I also wanted to do a little DIY photoshoot for Baby I’s birthday. Ok I’ll be honest, Mr T was absolutely mortified carrying the basket and balloons over to the park but we got some great pictures of her and L and the kids loved playing with the balloons afterwards. I just used their toy basket and attached the balloons so it resembled a hot air balloon. I’m planning on doing a different themed “photoshoot” for her for every birthday, so if you guys have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

All in all I think she had a great day. It was an emotional one for me, as I feel like she is beginning to grow out of her babyhood and into toddlerhood which is both sad and terrifying! I’m not sure how I’ll find time to brush my hair with TWO toddlers! Anyway I’m off to try and put some order on my house and tackle the 85 loads of washing waiting for me!

Bye for now!

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