Baby and Toddler Meal Ideas Pt 2

20160112_163646-1.jpgHello Again!

The last post I did on meal ideas was very popular so I thought I would do a sequel for those who are looking for a little inspiration. I’m going to preface this post with two of my most frequently asked questions! 1. Our baby plates are Tommee Tippee and they are available in Tesco and Dunnes. 2. Not all our meals are food art. I would say we do 3 or 4 creative plates a week. We find the food art is a great way to introduce new flavours and ingredients.

cropped-20160108_102828.jpgFirst up is hey diddle diddle! This was quite easy once I knew what I was going to do! The cows body is just a slice of brown toast with the crusts cut off and covered in cashew nut butter. The legs, udders and tail are just slices of cheese. The head is toast cut out with this bell shaped cutter that I got as part of a christmas cookie cutter pack. His eyes are banana and blueberry, his horns are peppers and is nose is plum and apple seeds. The moon is toast cut with a moon cutter and covered in cream cheese. I used dragonfruit which I cut out with star shaped cutters for the stars and just a few blueberries. L had this for breakfast and spent the rest of the morning saying “moo moo”.

20160112_164137-1.jpgContinuing with the nursery rhyme theme, next up was Humpty Dumpty. I had a lot of fun with this one and I let L help me “push” Humpty off the wall! For this I used brown toast cut into an oval shape. I don’t have an oval cutter so I used a large measuring spoon that I have in that shape. I used the crusts of the bread for the brick wall. The flowers are just little strips of cucumber and pomegranate. I steamed some cauliflower for the clouds (which L did actually have a few bites of!). Humpty’s arms, legs, lips and bowtie are made of red pepper. The buttons on his shirt are sunflower seeds and his eyes are blueberry and banana.

We’ve been on a bit of a waffle craze the last few months in this house, so we have been trying lots of different recipes. Our firm favourite so far is Raisin and Oat Waffles. I have adapted this recipe so it’s refined sugar free for the babies but you can substitute brown sugar if you like. These waffles can be frozen and simply reheated in the toaster which is great for quick meals on the go! For this recipe you will need;

3 tbsp of Maple syrup/ soft brown sugar

100g Rolled oats

225g Plain flourimg_20160119_214410.jpg

1 tsp baking soda

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

2 eggs lightly beaten

120g raisins

460mls of buttermilk/ regular milk/almond milk

2 tsp of cinnamon

90g of butter (melted)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp salt

Mix all the dry ingredients together. In a separate bowl combine all the wet ingredients. If you are using brown sugar add it to the dry and if using maple syrup add to the wet. Combine all the ingredients together and add the raisins. Allow to rest for at least 5 mins and then cook on high in your waffle maker.


Last up was our owl breakfast. We don’t normally have cereal in this house so the organic hoops were a big treat for L. The owl is just 3 circles of brown toast with cashew nut butter, some hoops, banana, blueberry, strawberry slices and a little carrot for the nose. The kids also had a fruit salad with raspberries, blackberries and dragonfruit and unsweetened greek yogurt with chia and chopped hazelnuts. Every single bite of this was devoured by my two so I can safely say it was a hit!


I hope this gives you guys some ideas for your own little ones! I’ll be back soon with another post but for now you can follow me on instagram or on Facebook.

Bye for now!

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