DIY Kitchen Makeover for under €100

Hello again!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Mr T and I have been doing a mini DIY kitchen makeover these past few days. When we moved into our house last year we had hoped to do up the kitchen but as many of you can relate we just haven’t had the funds. The kitchen was functional but definetly not easy on the eye.IMG_2484 So after looking at it for almost a year, I decided I couldn’t look at it one day longer. It all started when I moved our table away from the radiator and realised how badly it needed painting so that was my starting point. To be honest, I never started out thinking we would re do the whole kitchen but after the radiator was painted, I figured the doors and skirtings needed a touch up too. It all kind of snowballed from there and it ended in us painting the entire kitchen and cupboards. The whole process cost us only about €40 but we did already have the paint, brushes and new handles. My estimate for the project is about €100 if you were to buy everything.

What you will need for this project:

Satinwood Paint in white (we used about 1 tin)

Paint brushes and rollers

Wall Paint

New fixtures for presses (Woodies sell them or you can buy online)

New door handles

Decorative filler

Newspaper (for the floor)

Latex gloves (for painting)

Cleaning supplies

Old sheets

IMG_2526-0I’ll be honest, as I never intended on painting the whole kitchen, I didn’t move any furniture or cover anything. We started by painting all the radiators, doors and skirtings with the satinwood. They needed 2 coats which we applied after about 6-8 hours. Satinwood is touch dry in 20 mins so it’s ideal for those with little children. We painted while our two napped and the paint was dry by the time they woke up. The following day we painted all the walls at naptime and applied the 2nd coat once they had gone to bed that night.

Once all the walls were done, Mr T suggested that we just keep going and do the cabinets. I will admit, 20 mins in doing the cabinets, I had a mini IMG_2509-0meltdown (probably all the paint fumes!) but it was relatively quick in the end. We initially took all the doors off the hinges to paint, but soon realised it was quicker to leave them on as you could paint both sides of the door at the same time. As our cabinets were a dark wood, they needed 3 coats, much to my frustration but honestly it was so quick to do and well worth it. Once the paint was dry, Mr T drilled new holes in the doors and screwed in the new fixtures. We didn’t have enough of the long handles so we had to buy two chrome knobs from Woodies (€3 each) which we used on the presses under the sink. Mr T and I used the decorative filler to fill in any cracks, in the skirting or tiles. We had some major gaps between our floors and skirtings so the filler worked great in these areas and really tidied up the look of the room.

Finally we ordered new door handles for the doors, as they were very old  some were broken. I organised all the junk above the cupboards and generally organised a lot of the clutter. To say it’s made a huge difference to our house is an understatement. I can believe how fresh and clean it looks now.


Hopefully you guys might get some inspiration from this!😊

Bye for now!

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