Baby and Toddler Christmas Meals

Hello again,

We have been up to our eyes here the last few weeks doing a lot of DIY work in the house and preparing for Christmas. I promised myself that I would be ahead of the game this year and I am happy to report I am all sorted for Christmas. I just LOVE this time of year. I love the lights, the warm fires, the family get togethers and of course tIMG_1816he food! I really want to start creating lovely memories for my two little ones so I have been getting into the festive spirit and creating some Christmas themed meals for them! To start with we have been having porridge every morning with honey and cinnamon and stewed apple. It’s been a big hit in this house and it’s great to get a nice warm healthy meal into them at the start of the day. IMG_2226

I also tried this melon Christmas tree with banana and blueberries. L was delighted with this and even Baby I gave it a second look! I used a Galia Melon as it has a slightly green colour. I cut a piece of toast with a star cutter and covered it with cream cheese for the top of the tree and I used a tiny sliver of red pepper to make the mouth.


Another big hit here was the Snowman. I actually had a lot of fun making this one. You can play around with different ingredients and designs to suit your child’s tastes. I used a circle cutter to cut out the head and body of the snowman but a glass will work just fine. I covered the body in spreadable goats cheese but you can use cream cheese also. His buttons are blueberries and his eyes and mouth are raisins. The nose and arms are made with orange peppers and I used a slice of apple to make the scarf. I used a knife to cut a little fringe at the end of the scarf, although it doesn’t show up very well in the picture.

IMG_2351Next up is another Christmas tree! I love the colours in this one and again this was devoured by my two. ALl you need for this is 3-4 kiwis, some blueberries and raspberries ( or any other fruit you can think of that would work as the decorations. I used a star shaped cutter to cut out a piece of dragon fruit for the top. For the base of the tree I just used a little bit of the kiwi skin.

IMG_1942Last but not least is our Candy cane and little Santa’s. I saw the idea for the Santa’s on Pinterest but they used cream for the beard and hat. Instead, we used unsweetened Greek Yogurt. It’s important to use Greek Yogurt for this and not Greek Style as the Greek is much thicker and can actually be piped like cream. I used a tiny bit of melted 70% dark chocolate for the eyes and writing on the plate. The Candy cane is just slices or banana and strawberry. This is more of a treat plate because of the dark chocolate. The Santas are really tasty and would work great as a party food.

So there you have it! I will hopefully get more inspiration for creative meals in the run up to Christmas so be sure to follow me on instagram to get the latest meal ideas.

Bye for now!


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