Homemade Vanilla Extract

This recipe is so bloody easy it hardly requires its own post but nevertheless here it is. We all know how tight money can be over the Christmas period and I am forever looking for ideas for thoughtful homemade Christmas presents. This recipe needs at least a month to sit and infuse so its a good idea to do it now if you are interested. Every year I leave it too late so this year I am going to be really organised! All you need for this is vanilla pods, and any vodka you have lying around ( I have kids now so i have 3 unopened bottles of Vodka that I suspect will never get used!). The cheapest vanilla pods seem to be from Lidl, I think it was 1.99 for 2 pods.

You will need;IMG_1726

3-5 Vanilla pods ( I used 4)

250-300ml glass bottle

250-300mls of vodka

Slice vanilla pods lengthways and place in glass bottle.

Pour in vodka so that the pods are completely covered.

Shake well and continue to shake up every few days. This needs at least a month to infuse, but the longer it is left the deeper and richer the flavour will be! Once infused you can strain into another jar or leave as is, it’s up to you. I like to leave the vanilla beans in it as they will continue to add flavour.

After only 4 days.
            After only 4 days.

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