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DIY Cosleeper tutorial.

After posting on one of my mommy facebook pages about how we made our own DIY cosleeper for baby I, I got a lot of questions and emails about how we did it. It’s actually very simple and straightforward to do!

DIY cosleeper 2

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a big breastfeeding advocate. I am currently tandem feeding both baby I and L, so Mr. T and I needed a sleeping arrangement that allowed us all to get plenty of sleep. One of the best ways to breastfeed AND get plenty of sleep is to have your baby close to you at night. If however, you are like me, and just can’t get comfortable with a little nursling nestled in the crook of your arm, a cosleeper might be the solution for you. Before I gave birth to baby I, I knew I wanted to cosleep but the cosleepers we looked at were so expensive, especially since they only last up to around 6 months. So Mr.T and I decided to make our own that would last us for as long as baby I needed to be in a cot.

So my understanding is that most Ikea cots can be turned into a cosleeper. Any cot that can safely have one side removed is suitable to side car to your bed. We have the ikea Sundvik cot and the ikea malm bed. Mr.T removed one side of the cot and secured it safely with the extra part that comes included( this part makes it safe to have one side removed).

These are the holes that you use to adjust the mattress height setting. You can drill your own to bring the mattress to the desired height.
These are the holes that you use to adjust the mattress height setting. You can drill your own to bring the mattress to the desired height.

The next step is to make sure the cot mattress and your mattress are the same height. This is where I am going to admit we got really stupid. Most cots have 2-3 height settings, unfortunately our cot didn’t match the height of our bed. It was either going to be too high or too low. So we settled on the lowest setting and took a second trip to ikea to buy 2 more mattresses to match the heights up!! Only after talking with some other mama’s, I realised that was completely unnecessary! This mama had actually drilled in extra holes so that the mattress height matched their bed perfectly!DUH! I’ll be honest i felt a teensy bit slow after that!

COSPR3The next step is to secure the cot to your bed. You have two options here, if like us you have a bed frame it is fairly easy to attach the cot to the bed frame using bungee cords or zip-ties. We used 2 bungee cords and wrapped them around the bed frame and cot frame. If you have a divan style bed with no bed frame, you can wedge the cot between your bed and a wall, making sure the cot can’t budge at all.

Finally you want to make sure that both the cot mattress and the bed mattress are flush with one another. We have a lip on our bed so we had to push the cot mattress over to meet the bed mattress. This left us with a gap on the other side of the cot. We used pool noodles to fill in this gap. We got them for €1.49 each in deals! Alternatively you could use towels or blankets to fill the gap.

COSPR5                     COSPR4                  COSPR6

And there you have it!Your DIY cosleeper for a fraction of the cost! Although baby I sometimes migrates into our bed the extra space we have with the cosleeper has made for much more restful nights. It’s especially good when L decides to join us! As always it is so important that you know the safe cosleeping guidlines before starting your bedsharing journey.

SAfe cosleeping

Hope this tutorial helps some of you exhausted mamas and papas!

DIY cosleeper 2

Bye for now!

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