First blog post!

So this is my very first blog post. So to ease myself in, I’m going to start with a recipe for our breakfast this morning. I say “our” but I really mean L and I’s breakfast as I usually end up eating cold toast over the sink!(the motherhood struggle is real!). I love making creative meals for the babas and more importantly really healthy food.IMG_9203

Their breakfast almost always consists of lots of fresh fruit and this morning was no different.

To start with the owl is basically just a grapefruit cut in half, a few slices of banana, some blueberries and some orange segments arranged to look like an owl. Honestly it’s not as elaborate as it may look!

For the smoothie I used the leftover orange (from decorating the owl), a beetroot, a handful of strawberries, a handful of raspberries, a handful of blackberries, 2 tsp of chia seeds, a tbsp of natural yogurt and a handful of ice. Pop into a nutribullet or blender until smooth. L drinks these with a straw and I has them on preloaded spoons.cropped-image.jpg

They also both had natural yogurt with chia seeds and a few berries.

Finally I used a fish shape cookie cutter to cut out shapes on their toast. They both had cashew nut butter on top.

And voila! It’s that simple! All in all this took me about 10 mins to prepare. I try and get up before them and have my coffee and make their breakfast, but it doesn’t always happen like that! If I is awake I just stick Baby I in the sling while I prepare the food!

As always you can follow me on Instagram @orlaithsheanon16

Bye for now!

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